5 Cleopatra Costume Ideas for Your Egyptian Party!

5 Cleopatra Costume Ideas for Your Egyptian Party!

Posted by Yasmina on 2020 Aug 6th

From Shakespeare to Elizabeth Taylor, the reign of Cleopatra continues to fascinate and inspire men and women of all ages. Finding Cleopatra costumes that live up to her name is no easy task! The alluring Queen was the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the last active ruler of Ancient Egypt before it was subsumed by the Roman Empire. To many, she symbolizes the end of an era. However, she was much more of a pioneer. She centralized all power away from her Pharaoh brother and was thus the first to rebel against the tradition of female rulers being subordinate to male co-rulers. What a powerful woman!

If you’re looking for a costume with a fun yet substantive story, Cleopatra costumes are ideal! Her intriguing legacy continues to live through operas, Shakespearean plays, films, themed parties and of course, costumes! This Halloween, channel your seductive goddess with the best selection of Cleopatra costumes. No choice is too opulent for this queen. Check out our favourite Cleopatra costume ideas!

Egyptian Couple's Costume

image via @biancaveronicaa on Pinterest

Even though Cleopatra was strong and powerful on her own, it's always fun to create a costume with your beau! Did you know that Cleopatra is rumoured to have seduced Julius Caesar in order to get more power? This couple seems to know! The simple black and gold colour scheme works so well for this costume. Add accessories like gold jewelry, or this woman's beaded headpiece, to complete the look. You'll be the best dressed couple at your Egyptian costume party!

Cleopatra Costume for Kids

image via

How cute! Your little one will look stunning in a Cleopatra Egyptian costume this Halloween. This all-inclusive, no fuss costume is so easy to prepare and will be super comfortable for your child. The sandals and gold headband look so precious! This would be a great option for a matching family costume. We also have tons of other costumes for children and babies! The options are endless.

Cleopatra Makeup

image via @artedemarta on Instagram

This Cleopatra makeup is stunning! Sometimes a good costume is all about the details. This person's makeup is modern with the eyeshadow blending and lipstick, but sticks to the typical Egyptian traditions: deep black eyeliner, a cat eye, and dark straight hair with bangs. To get this look, get yourself some makeup and start practicing! And if you don't naturally have perfect Cleopatra hair, we have wigs for that, too.

Cleopatra Costume Party

image via Infrogmation of New Orleans – Flickr on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

What's better than one Cleopatra costume? Multiple Cleopatra costumes! Use the spirit of Egypt to party all night, like the person pictured above! Cleopatra costumes are perfect for costume parties because they're comfortable and you can wear them so many ways: more modest, more sexy, or anything in between! If you want to be extra comfortable in your Cleopatra costume, check out our bodywear section for shapewear and other undergarments to help you feel as stunning as you look.

Other Egyptian Costumes

image via @abrilo_up on Instagram

When it comes to Egyptian costumes, you have so many options. You could go with Cleopatra—a classic—or any other pharaoh if you want to switch things up. This pair even includes a bellydancer! The best part about Cleopatra and Egyptian costumes is that you can use the accessories for other things: wigs, jewelry, undergarments, you name it! Now get out there with the perfect costume and have the best Halloween ever.

Did these Cleopatra costumes and fun facts inspire you to dress up as this powerful woman? Check out our Cleopatra and Egyptian costumes for more!

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