International Costumes

International Costumes

National costumes from around the world: stand out in an international costume!

Take a trip around the world with our international costumes! National costumes or international costumes are great to stand out at parties. They're also a good idea for annual events: take a look at our irish costumes for Saint Patrick's day or our german costumes for Oktoberfest! Until then, get ready for take off, we're going traveling with our amazing range of International costumes! Start off with Mexico with the colourful Day of the Dead Womens' costume, then head to Egypt with the Cleopatra Child Costume! Then, stop for a pint in Scotland with the Big Shot Scot costume; but make sure you're prim and proper when you visit London with the British Guard Costume and the British sequin dress. Your next stop is the beautiful city of Paris with this Eiffel tower costume, before taking a Bavarian break in Germany with the Bavarian Bar Maid. Head south to spain in this Spanish Lady costume then east to India with the Bollywood Beauty costume. Stay in Asia and head to China with this stunning Dragon Empress costume then to Japan with the Samurai warrior adult costume. Visit Uncle Sam in the States next, and don't forget your cowboy shirt as you go through Texas! Dress warmly for the next part of your trip: we're going back to Canada with the Canadian Mountie Adult Costume, the Eskimo Toddler Costume, and the Canada Flag Dress.

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