Pink accessories for your pink costume

Here you'll find our selection of pink costumes and accessories perfect for themed costume parties or events. You can become the mighty Minotaur of Ancient Greek legend in this minotaur hoodie hat, or add some fairy floral decorations to your fabulous Fairy Costume! These Fairy Clips in pink feature pink rose buds, leafy accents, and pink hair twists. They clip easily into your own hair! The Pink Pop Star Wig features long Hot Pink hair with blunt-cut bangs. It looks great with a Nicki Minaj Costume, a Fairy Costume or a Cosplay Costume! Even better, during the month of October, $10 from every sale of this product will be donated to the Cedars Cancer Foundation. Mehron’s Clown opaque pink makeup is popular among female clowns for creating highlights and a rosy glow. Very splendid footwear for special occasions, the Dainty Pink Satin Shoes features 3.5  inch-heels to augment that all-important height and poise that are hankered after by all women. The Magenta and White Featherless Boa is a fantastic accessory for your Bachelorette Party event, Mardi Gras or 80's costume. Shop online now for Pink Halloween Costumes and Accessories with Oya Costumes Canada!

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