Colour: Blue

Colour: Blue

Shop blue accessories for your Halloween costume! | Blue wigs, blue Halloween makeup, blue lightsabers and more

Here you'll find our selection of blue costumes and accessories! Blue skies ahead when it comes to your Halloween costume: you'll be able to complete it with our amazing collection of blue accessories. Some of the most popular blue accessories we have are our blue wigs, which are simply perfect for cosplays. This Doll Teal/Purple Curls Wig will be perfect for a doll or princess! You can also become Marge Simpson with this iconic blue wig, or Sadness from Inside Out with this blue bob wig. The Starbright Way Wig Neon Blue will be perfect for a mermaid look, just like this Blue Mermaid Wig, while this Neon Blue Bob Wig or this Short Curl Turquoise Wig will be great for a popstar costume! Don't feel like wearing a wig? We've got blue hairspray for you! This Blue Makeup pot will be great for your DIY costume. Some other must-have blue Halloween accessories include the Blue Cheerleader Pom Poms, the stunning Underworld Blue Contact Lenses, which will be perfect for cosplays, and the cool Sailor Shoes Blue. Of course, we also have blue lighsabers, such as this Rey Lightsaber or this Luke Lightsaber, without which most Jedi Costumes would not be complete! Our collection of blue wigs and accessories will have you singing "I'm feeling blue..." this Halloween. Shop online now at Oya Costumes Canada! Free delivery available in Canada.

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