Kids Pirate Costumes have never been more popular, and we have both Boy Pirate Costumes and Girl Pirate Costumes to help your little swashbuckler stay in character and searching for treasure. With our Kids Pirate Costumes, your boy or girl can live out their high seas adventures in playtime, during Halloween or at a Costume party. There is no end to the fun that your child can have with our Kids Pirate Costumes. It is more than a simple costume; it is an addition to their imaginative play. Kids Pirate costumes often feature swords, hats and tattered clothing. There are also many fun accessories that you can add to a pirate costume, such as an eye patch, clip-on gold hoop earring and fake parrot. Get your child set for daring journeys and many hours of exciting adventures with our Boy Pirate costumes or our Girl Pirate Costumes! We have so many different kinds of Kids Pirate Costumes. For the Boy Pirate Costumes: check out Buccaneer Boy Pirate Costume or the Elite Boy Pirate Costume! For the Girl Pirate Costumes: check out Buccaneer Girl Pirate Costume or the High Seas Lil Girl Pirate Costume! We also have Toddler Pirate costumes like the Sea Princess Baby Pirate Costume! Enjoy our wide variety of Kids Pirate Costumes at Oya Costumes Canada! Your Kids Pirate Costume may qualify for free shipping from Canada! 

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