Space Aliens Sci-Fi

Space Aliens Sci-Fi

Alien and sci-fi costumes: from a DIY space alien costume to a Star Wars or Star Trek Costume

Life...But, to quote Star Trek, not as we know it. Whether your version of an alien costume is a little green man, Spock, Gamora, or Jabba the Hutt, they all have something in common: you can find them right here at Oya Costumes Canada! We've got an extensive collection of space costume, alien costumes, and sci-fi costumes. Get ready for take off, because you won't be able to find these costumes on Earth! To begin your journey, you'll need an astronaut costume, available for men, women, and children. Your toddler can also simply dress up as a rocketship to blast off into space even faster. Once in outer space, you might encounter characters from your favorite sci-fi franchises, such as Bobba Fett, the fearsome bounty hunter from Star Wars, or Spock, from Star Trek. Don't forget your blaster to defend yourself from Alien Warriors! The Special Ops Laser Canon will do nicely, but more old-fashioned space adventurers might prefer the slightly less newfangled Steampunk Rip Gun. But fear not: although the Alien Mask and Hands and Alien Child Costume may look spooky, you'll encounter less threatening aliens on your journey, such as this fuzzy Alien Toddler costume or the Mini Martian baby costume. You could also DIY your own alien costume with the Adult Alien Kit, the Alien Mask Blue Shadow, the Alien Glasses, or the Eye Tentacles. Write your own space odyssey with these space, alien, and sci-fi costumes!

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