Lips & Nails

Lips & Nails

Lipstick and Nail Polishes to complete your Halloween Costumes

The details really make the difference! Complete your Halloween costume with Oya Costumes's collection of Halloween Lipsticks and Nail Polishes.The Glosstone Natural Lip gloss makeup makeslips glow bright with sheer, glossy tints that provide just the right amount of coverage and add a highlighting tone that will complement all skin complexions. The Black Nailpolish is great to top off your gothic look this Halloween! Prepare to terrify others with this great Black nail polish.Get all the details right when you assemble your lycan costume by including these Werewolf Deluxe Nails! This Vampire Lipstick and Nail accessory comes with pure black fingernail polish and deep crimson lipstick. This Vampire Lipstick and Nail will bring a dark soul out of your fingernails and a blood-thirst character out of your red lips. Create horror wherever you venture with the Zombie /Ghost Nail Polish & Lipstick. The lipstick and nail polish are perfect for completing your Zombie or Ghost look. Get set for Halloween terror or costume party fun with this set. Complete your look with a pop of colour with these Purple Neon Finger Nails! These fake nails are easy and fun to apply. Your your costume can be perfect right down to your nails when you add the Black Nail set.The Deluxe Black Nail set gives you the dramatic and fiery look that will be perfect for many costumes, from Morticia to Elvira to a Goth princess. We've also got character nails such as the Batgirl Nails and the Wonder Woman Nails. Shop online now with Oya Costumes Canada!

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