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80s costumes

80s costumes

80s Costumes: Find your 80s costume idea at Oya Costumes!

It's Totally 80's at Oya Costumes Canada! Dress up in 80's Costumes from your favorite 80's Rockstars like Kiss and Cyndi Lauper, or just go all out Glam Rocker. Ladies, this Halloween, you can impress your friends in head-to-toe 80's Neon and Lace. You can rock out in our amazing neon Rock Star Dress! Always wanted Neon Pink or Green Fishnet Stockings or maybe Black Fishnet Gloves? Oya Costumes Canada has all your 80's Accessories you need to make your 80s costume pop. Our accessories section is also great if you're a DIY kind of gal or guy and want 80s costume ideas! Want to show off your inner Rockstar? Dress Up in a Kiss Costume or a Bret Michael's wig with long hair and a bandana, or even this super cool 80s Headbanger Wig. Always wanted to dress up like the King of Pop? We've got Michael Jackson costumes for adults, teens and kids. Wear your big hair wigs, your bangles, hair scrunchies and get your inflatable guitar for your next 80's theme party and this Halloween! The 1980s were a magical time full of explosions of crazy colours and even crazier hair, and now you can go back and relive all of that thanks to our amazing 80s costumes! Shop now and find the 80s costume that's right for you.

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