Lion Costumes

Lion Costumes

Top 10 Famous Lion Costumes

Ready to become the king of the jungle? From Scar to the Cowardly Lion, lions have had their place in Hollywood for decades. While we may feel enamored by their golden coats and fluffy manes, lions also carry the spirit of leadership and strength and are regarded as natural born leaders. Whether you prefer dressing up as a famous lion from a movie or play, a lion from the circus or a lion from the Sahara, we have some amazing inspiration for you!  See More

Lion Costumes - Find your Lion Costume for Kids and Adults - Lion King Costumes

If I said I didn't want one of these lion costumes, I'd be lion. These fuzzy costumes are adorable, comfortable, and perfect for Hallloween! Just look at this super-cute Lil' Lion Toddler Plush Costume! Turn your cute little one into a soft hearted king of the jungle with this costume. The outfit is made of soft materials for comfort and has great lion details and headpiece for a real lion look. For young fans of Disney's The Lion Guard, this cool Kion
Lion Guard Costume will be amazing. Another good example is the cute Lil' Lion Toddler Costume. You could rule the jungle too, with the amazing Lion Onesie! Available for men and women, this costume will ensure you have a roaring good time. The Macho Lion Costume is perfect for a Cowardly Lion Costume, which will come in handy if your friends are planning a Wizard of Oz Group Costume. We've got a Cowardly Lion Costume for Boys, too, for young fans of Oz! This other children's lion costume is also adorable.This Lovable Lion Toddler costume will make's everyone heart melt! You could also make a DIY Lion costume with our Lion Accessories such as this Lion Kid's Kit or this Lion Mask! All of our lion costumes are perfect for Lion King fans. Whether you enjoyed the recent remake of the 1994 animated Disney classic or not, you can still show your love for Simba, Nala and their pride with our Lion King Costumes! 

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