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Kids Accessories

Kids Accessories

Kid's Halloween Costume Accessories | Kid's Wigs, Capes, and accessory kits

Accessories are the perfect finishing touch for any costumes. Whether you're looking to complete your costume to make it look even better, or you want to mix and match accessories to create a DIY look, you'll find what you need here! Our collection of kid's accessories is perfect to complete your kid's costume. Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland with the Alice Wig, or rock your zombie costume with the rocked out zombie wig! Cast some spells with the witch's wand, go back to Roman times with the gladiator sword and shield, look graceful with the Princess Anne headband, hang out with your castle in the Pink Princess Cape, live a Dr. Seuss adventure with the Cat in the Hat Accessory Kit, explore the wild, wild west with the Gambler's moustache, instantly transform into a wolf with the Kid's Wolf nose, discover a whole new world with the Jasmine wand, and fly to Neverland with the Tinkerbell tiara. Whether it’s the finishing touch to your costume or even the centre piece of the look, Halloween accessories are important! These items are often overlooked, despite stepping up your costume game from a 7 to a 10. On top of that, your accessories will never ‘not fit’ or ‘look weird on me’. In other words, you can never fail. Shop kid's accessories online at Oya Costumes Canada! Free delivery available in Canada.

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