Dragons and Mythical Creatures

Dragons and Mythical Creatures

Dragon Costumes, Mythical Creatures, and Game of Thrones Dragon Costumes

You could be a Dragon this Halloween! We love our dragon selection because there are so many options, we have cute and sexy dragons, baby dragons, believable dragons, we have them all! You can't go wrong with our our Cozy Dragon's Costume for Women, reminescent of the ever-popular Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. Whether you're a Game of Thrones fan looking for a companion to go with your Daenerys costume, passionate about Prehistory and its dinosaurs, or you just love dragons, you'll find what you're looking for at Oya Costumes Canada. Young Game of Thrones fans will love dressing up as Viserion in this Light Up Ice Dragon Boy Costume! It features a dragon scale imitation top with tattered winged sleeves, and an incredibly detailed light up mask with blue eyes. Looking for a great outfit that will make your kid stand out this Halloween? Then look no further with this Ride a Dragon Child Costume! This unique outfit features a black plush jumpsuit that is shaped like a dragon with wings, tail, and legs. It also comes with attached suspenders so that it will stay upright while your child is wearing it. This Ride a Dragon Child Costume is a perfect addition to any of your child's disguise, whether he wants to be a brave savior or a heroic prince.

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