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Food & Beverages

Top 13 Cool Food Costume Ideas

As we are always on the hunt for new trends, we couldn't help but fall in love with the trend of food costumes! From fast food, to beverages, to desserts, food costumes are adorable, versatile, easy to create and sure to be super popular at any upcoming party or event! … En Voir Plus

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Beverages and Food Costumes: Banana Costume, Beer Costume, Hot Dog Costume and more!

Some of the most hilarious costumes out there are food costumes and beverages costumes. Let's taco 'bout it: we doughnut think you'll find anything funnier than these food costumes. Who wouldn't laugh after seeing someone dressed up in a giant hot dog costume? Our collection of wonderfully funny food costumes will delight you and amuse you: we've got every food costume and beverage costume you could think of, from this sprightly Sprite dress to the boozy Beer Pint costume, as well as the classic Hot dog costume and our spicy Hot chili Pepper costume. The children will definitely not be left out from the fun: your little monkey will go bananas for this Banana hoodie, and his little sister can dress up with our adorable Strawberry costume or the equally cute Lemon costume! Here at Oya Costumes, we've got plenty of fruity costumes so that you and your kids can put a refreshing twist on the classic Halloween costume. Are you a fan of dad jokes and various puns? We've got loads of punny food costumes. We also have wonderful couples food costumes such as the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume or the Eggs and Bacon Costume. Even your pets can join in the food costume party: we've got amazing pet food costumes such as this Dog Taco Costume or this adorable Pumpkin Costume for your furry companion. From babies to children to men and women and even your faithful Fido, we've got everyone covered. Make sure to check our plus size food costumes too! With such a large selection of food costumes and beverage costumes, you're sure to find something that'll strike your fancy.

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