Moustache and Beard

Moustache and Beard

Fake Moustache and Beards | Halloween Costume Moustaches

You want your Halloween costume to be perfect, down to the details? Our collection of prosthetics, moustaches and beards is here for that! Make your friends laugh this Halloween or make your cosplay or costume perfectly accurate! These Pyscho Victorian Mutton Chops, for instance, will be perfect for a Jack the Ripper Costume! We've also got plenty of beards and moustaches for pirates who want their costume to be perfect before they set out to sea! Yo, oh, oh and a pirate's captain beard and moustache! Dress up as Jack Sparrow with the Pirate Moustache and Chin Patch, or become a fearsome bootlegger with the Pirate Grey Beard and Moustache. You could also explore the wild, wild West with the Rustler Full Goatee, or become one of America's most iconic presidents with the Honest Abe beard or make all your friends hungry with the finger lickin' good Colonel Wig and Beard. Hop on your drekar with the stunning Viking Wig, Beard, and Moustache or represent America with the Uncle Sam Facial Fur, and rock on with the incredible Long Beard Grey! Shop online for fake beards and moustache at Oya Costumes Canada.

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