Zombie Costume

Zombie Costume

Scary zombie costumes and zombie makeup

Why make a zombie costume out of old clothes when you can find the coolest, goriest, funniest zombie costumes right here at Oya Costumes Canada? Shop online for Zombie Costumes: we have the Zombie doctor, the nurse, the Prom, schoolgirl Zombie and more, so check them out! Whether you're a walking dead fan, an aspiring white walker, or just thing the undead are really cool, you'll love our large selection of zombie costumes. With a plethora of zombie movies and TV shows like Shaun of the dead, iZombie, Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead, Warm Bodies, World War Z and more, you can be sure than zombie costumes won't be going out of style anytime soon. In fact, they're the perfect choice for Halloween! And if you want to go all out and create a zombie Halloween haunted house, be sure to check out our many zombie props and Halloween decorations. Thanks to our spooky zombie costume collection, you'll be amazed at how alive you feel scaring people dressed as an undead monster. You'll love our Walking Dead inspired Zombie Hunter costume, and our complete zombie costume is garanteed to scare all your friends! Are you looking for a zombie costume that's funny rather than scary? Our Banana zombie costume will make you die of laughter! For the ladies, we also carry an Undead Bride Zombie costume so you can promise to love your spouse even after dead do you part--whoever said the undead can't look fabulous? Of course, no zombie costume would be complete without our terrifying accessories, such as our zombie masks and our zombie makeup. If you're out of idea for your Zombie Walk costume, you could also make a DIY zombie costume with these zombie accessories! The whole family can dress up as zombies thanks to our cool kids zombie costumes, such as the spiritless cheerleader costume or the zombie prom queen. Before you go out in search of braiiiins, make sure you find your zombie costume at Oya Costumes Canada!

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