Minnie Mouse & Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse & Mouse Costumes

Blow a Kiss In These 4 Minnie Mouse Costume Ideas!

Minnie Mouse is a classic Disney character—she's been around for almost 100 years! If you're looking for a great Halloween costume this year, you really can't go wrong with Minnie. Check out our favourite Minnie Mouse costume ideas here! See More Dress Up Ideas

Minnie Mouse Costume IdeasMinnie Mouse Costume Ideas


Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Costumes and Accessories!

All kids and adults love Disneyland! Its most popular characters Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse—they've been around since Disney was just becoming an amazing company! Whether you met them on your visit to Disneyland or fondly remember the cartoon, we love to relive these special memories. At Oya costumes we offer the best Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes in Canada! Find everything you need for your Disney costumes right here. Get your Disney character and Disney princess costumes here too! There are so many options for the perfect Disney costume—there's something for everyone! If you want to create your own Minnie or Mickey Mouse costume, Disneybound style, then check out our accessories! We have big bows like Minnie Mouse, gloves like Mickey, and everything in between. Maybe you'll create a mouse face with makeup! Or if you want something easier, we also have an amazing selection of Halloween masks! We also have tons of other animal costumes at your fingertips. Whether it is for a fancy dress party, Halloween party, or a Disney Trip, our mouse costumes are show stoppers wherever you go. Disney costumes are always a classic! Oya Costumes is here to provide you with the best shipping and customer service in Canada.

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