Glasses & Eyewear

Glasses & Eyewear

Costume glasses and eyewear: funny glasses and eye accessories, bearded glasses, goggles, monocles

Glasses are the perfect accessory to add a finishing touch to your Halloween costume! You can't have a nerd costume without the eyeglasses, or a steampunk costumes without goggles. At Oya Costumes Canada, we have an amazing selection of costume glasses, sunglasses, bearded glasses, funny glasses, party glasses and more! You've got plenty of choices, from the hilarious beer pong glasses, perfect for your next frat party, to bearded glasses. For classier parties, there's the martini black and white glasses! We've also got plenty of glasses that will make you go back in time, as they are perfect for era costumes. These 1950 sunglasses will be spot-on for a Grease costume, and these pink 1950s glasses will make you want to put on a poodle skirt. The only limit is your imagination! For other Halloween costumes, such as steampunk costumes, these marauder glasses will be perfect.They could also work for a Mad Max costume! This Monovision Antique Monocle will also be great, or you could use it for a pirate costume or Mad Eyed Moody from Harry Potter Costume. Shop online for costume glasses and eyewear at Oya Costumes Canada. Free delivery available in Canada!

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