Disney Princess

Disney Princess

8 Charming Princess Costume Ideas for Halloween!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... You'll be the fairest of them all in your Disney princess costume this Halloween! Who's your favourite princess? Check our 9 of the best Disney princess costume ideas! See More Dress Up Ideas

Disney Princess Costume IdeasDisney Princess Costume Ideas



The Best Disney Princess Costumes in Canada!

Always dreamed of being a Disney Princess? We have got a magical selection of Disney Princess costumes to choose from at Oya Costumes Canada. Choose from your favourite classic Disney princess movies likCinderellaSnow WhiteAladdinSleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and many more. We also carry plenty of costumes for the newest Disney movies like Moana, Frozen and Brave! What's your favourite Disney Princess movie? If you like The Little Mermaid, check out our mermaid costumes and you can be under the sea just like Ariel! Maybe you want to "Let It Go" this Halloween—we have an extensive Frozen section just for you. Choose any gown we have and you can be the belle of the ball for any occasion, whether you're going to a Halloween party, costume party, or the ball itself! To pull your Disney Princess costume together, check out our accessories! There's no such thing as a princess without a tiara. If you want to keep in classy with your Disney Princess costume, try adding some long white gloves! Do you have bright red hair like Ariel, or a curly mane like Moana? Chances are you don't, but our wig section has you covered. Check out our Cinderella wigs, Elsa wigs, Merida wigs, and more! Your Disney Princess costume will be super personalized. Get everything you need here at Oya Costumes!

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