Doll Costume

Doll Costume

Scary doll costumes, broken doll costumes, ragdoll costumes, voodoo doll costumes: There's a doll costume for everyone!

Don't let their sometimes innocent appearance fool you: there's nothing quite as creepy as a Halloween doll costume.  Whether you're planning to decorate your house with a haunted doll prop for Halloween, such as this hanging clown doll, or you want to dress up as a doll, you're sure to scare people with a doll costume! Of course, we also carry cute doll costumes, such as this adorable Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy couples costume or this Cozy voodoo doll hooded dress that's so comfortable, you'll want to wear it in your everyday life. This cozy Sock Monkey Adult costume is pretty cute, too! But if you want to creep people out this Halloween, doll costumes are a safe bet: just look at movies like Chucky or Annabelle! Haunted dolls are terrifying, and movie-makers know it. If you're an Annabelle fan, this terrifying Annabelle costume will be perfect for you. Tiptoe on the line between cute and scary with this Voodoo Doll costume, which can look cute and innocent or downright unsettling with the right makeup. This other Doll Voodoo costume is even scarier, with its ragged grey dress and stitch print pantyhose! Voodoo dolls may be scary, but broken dolls that come to life are an entirely new level of terrifying: dress up with the Broken Doll costume . Girls can dress up as spooky broken dolls too, with the Broken Doll girl's costume or the haunted doll girl's costume! To really bring your scary doll costume to the next level, take a look at our doll accessories--they're also great for a DIY doll costume! If your costume doesn't scare people, then these possessed black contacts ,which will give you a lifeless doll gaze, or these full white contacts ,which will make you look like a true haunted doll ,certainly will! You can also put on this terrifying broken porcelain doll mask to take your costume from cute to creepy in a split second. Alternatively, if you're looking for a cute doll costume, accessories such as these cristalline rose contacts might be more suited for you! Scare people or look innocent and adorable: the choice is yours!

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