Wands & Sceptres

Wands & Sceptres

Wands and Halloween Accessories: Harry Potter Wands, Disney Princess Wands, Fairy Wands, Magician Wand, and Witch Wands

No princess costume is complete without a tiara, crown, or wand! Shop our wide selection of Halloween wands and get your princess, queen, or even witch costume up to speed! It's magical how much difference an accessory can make. And if you're planning to wear a Harry Potter Costume, witch costume, or fairy costume this Halloween, you simply need a wand to complete it! Bibiddy bobbidy boo: what would Cinderella's fairy godmother be without her magic wand? This Cinderella wand will also be great for a princess costume! In fact, we've got stunning wands for plenty of other Disney Princess! Fly to Neverland with this Tinkerbell Wand, discover a whole new world with the Jasmine Wand, find your Prince once upon a dream with the Aurora wand, celebrate under the sea with the Ariel Wand, meet the seven dwarfs with the Snow White Wand, build a snowman with theFrozen Wand, and become Belle with the Beauty and the Beast Wand. Heading to Hogwarts rather than Disney Land? Remember, the wand chooses the wizard: we've got a Hermione magic deluxe wand, a Harry Potter Wand (or this one which features a LED so you can cast Lumos in real life!), and a Harry Potter wand that  not only lights up but also features sound effects (it's motion activated!). For other wizard or witches costumes, this Magician's Wand is great--it also features sound effects and will be great for a magician costume, too. And this stunning Witch's Wand, featuring dangling stars, will ensure you have a magical Halloween! Finally, your fairy costume or Glinda the Good Witch Costume would not be complete without this Magic wand. All you need now is a fantastic magician, wizard, witch or sorceress costume: accio Halloween Costume! Shop online now at Oya Costumes Canada. Free delivery available in Canada.

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