Halloween Hosiery & Tights

Halloween Hosiery & Tights

Women's hosiery, tights, pantyhose, stockings for your costume!

Choose from Oya Costumes’ collection of terrific hosiery collection for women to accessorize your Halloween costume or even for your everyday needs. At Oya Costumes we carry a number of different styles of hosiery for women of all sizes including plus sizes. For our Halloween shoppers, our most popular hosiery is the stay up stockings, or sometimes called thigh highs, which are easy to wear and without the need for a garter belt. Our collection of stay up stockings and knee highs includes different deniers from sheers to opaques and includes assorted and brightly colored styles, striped stockings and other patterned stockings like the spider web tights. We love the ones with bows (especially for Christmas) and ribbons accents that are a perfect touch. In our hosiery collection, we also offer a number of pantyhose. In keeping with our mission to find that perfect Halloween costume, we have chosen a number of fishnet or diamond net stockings. These are fun stockings that are emblematic of exactly what costumes and Halloween should be – a mixture of fun and fantasy.  On the more adventurous side, we have a collection of body stockings with differing levels of opaque depending on the desired look or effect. These Spandex Sheer Pantyhose can be worn on tons of different occasions! Don’t forget that we also have also have tights and footless leggings for girls and teens.

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