Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes

7 Craziest Costumes from The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer has taken the world by storm! With three seasons under its belt (and more to come), this unique show dazzles viewers with its exciting performances and charming judges. But the real star? The costumes! From mascots to princesses to animals galore, Marina Toybina designs costumes like no other. It's hard to take your eyes off them! These costumes might be extravagant, but they're not hard to recreate at home. See More Dress Up Ideas

Masked Singer CostumesMasked Singer Costumes


Mascot Costumes for Parades, Halloween, Easter, and More!

What are you celebrating? Our mascot costumes at Oya costumes are certainly crowd pleasers. We select our costumes with quality and care, so no matter what mascot costume or animal costume you decide to purchase, you're getting the best of the best. Reuse your mascot costumes for any occasion! Check out our various sizes—we're here to serve you whether you're shopping for a child or if you're the tallest person in the room. Are you in between? We've got you too! For Easter, we have the best Easter Bunny costumes for your Easter parade. Lead the Easter Egg Hunt with the best costume on the block! If you're looking for something spooky on Halloween, try a wolf or bear mascot costume! Is it Christmas already? We have festive elf costumes for your Christmas party! Don't forget about your St Patrick's Day outfit—we have some amazing leprechaun mascot costumes. Whatever animal or character you need, Oya costumes has it here. Mascot costumes always get a good job done, especially if you have kids—you can stay anonymous and make their Easter, Christmas, or other parade extra special. If you're looking for a different animal, we've got you too. We have scary red dragon costumes, cute dog costumes, buzzing bee costumes, and more. With the best shipping and customer service in Canada, you'll have a great experience getting your mascot costume here!

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