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Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid costumes for women and mermaid costumes for girls: find your Ariel costume here!

Mermaid costumes are some of the most magical costumes out there, and whether you're looking for an adult mermaid costume, a child mermaid costume, or an Ariel costume for your little girl, we have what you need here at Oya Costumes! Sparkly, magical, and dazzling, mermaid costumes and Ariel costumes are just what you need to stand out at your next Halloween party. Your little girl loves the Little Mermaid? Look at our wonderful selection of Little Mermaid costumes and Ariel costumes: you're sure to find a true treasure! As the crab Sebastian sings, Darling it's better, down where it's wetter so don't be shy, and shop online for mermaid costumes now! For women looking to dazzle and bewitch their peers with their magical mermaid voices, we have plenty of mermaid costumes and Ariel costumes such as the Dazzling Mermaid Costume, the Ariel Mermaid Costume, and the Sweet Mermaid Costume. We even have a Hipster Mermaid costume for the women who were into mermaids before they were cool. Make sure to take look at our accessory to find the mermaid wig that will complete your mermaid costume! Of course, we also have Ariel costumes for girls, such as the Prestige Disney Ariel costume, the Ariel Shimmer Deluxe Costume, or the Disney Princess Ariel costume. Dad can dress up too, with our Neptune Costume! Is your daughter not a fan of the Little Mermaid? Not to worry, there are plenty of other mermaid costumes in the sea, such as the Mysterious Mermaid Costume for tweens or the Girls mermaid costume. Your daughter will want accessories too, to be the prettiest mermaid there ever was! Our mermaid accessories for children include the Ariel Wig and a beautiful star hair clip. Finally, if you're looking for a DIY mermaid costume, you can pair one of our mermaid bras with leggings for an instantly magical mermaid costume.

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