50s Costumes

50s Costumes

8 Ideas for Your 50s Inspired Sock Hop Costume!

Fashion from the 50s never gets old! The poodle skirts, leather jackets, and sweet dresses look stunning in any era. And with movies like Grease, these looks always stay alive. If you want to build your own 50s costume, check out our list of 50s inspired outfits and costumes! See More Dress Up Ideas

50s Costume Ideas50s Costume Ideas


50s Costumes for Your Halloween or Costume Party!

Are you ready for a blast from the past! It's back to the 50s here at Oya Costumes! We have everything you need for your 50s costume, from Greaser and Pink Ladies to the Classic Nerd—our ideas never run out. If Grease is your favourite movie, we've got an amazing selection of costumes so you can have the best costume at your 50s party! Mix and match clothes, wigs and accessories to achieve that perfect retro look! Check out our beautiful 50’s Pin Up Wigs for women, as well as our wide range of cute poodle skirts. Want a more original 50s halloween costume? You can personalize your costume to be whatever you want: a milkman costume, or a 50s pinup girl costume. Get a wig to achieve the perfect 50s look. Maybe you'd like to dress up and be a famous 50s character or celebrity! Try living in the spotlight with our gorgeous Marilyn Monroe costumes, Betty Boop costumes, or Elvis costumes! Dance and jive with no worries—our costumes are the highest quality we can get. Use our accessories to complete your look. White gloves always look super classy, and make sure you have the right socks for your sock hop! Here at Oya Costumes, we have the biggest costume selection in Canada—and we have the best customer service and fast shipping! Get ready for the best 50s party ever.

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