Disney Villains

Disney Villains

5 Villain Costume Ideas for Your Disney Party!

Princesses are nice, but when it comes to costumes, villains have the most fun. Need inspiration for your Disney costume? We got you covered! Take a look at these amazing Disney villain costumes and cosplays. See More Dress Up Ideas

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Disney villains costumes: from Maleficent costumes to the Queen of Hearts costume, we have the Disney villain costume for you!

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's the best Disney villain costume of them all? Disney heroes would be nothing without the villains they face, and, in many cases, from their song to the villain costumes they wear, everything about them is spectatular. Evil is the new black, or so Maleficent touts, as she terrorizes everyone around her in the new Disney Maleficent movie. She puts out the ultimate hit--one so hauntingly harrowing that even Tony Soprano would freak out. Cursing an infant girl does not only make Maleficent seem very cruel, but it also showcases her power. Our Disney Maleficent costumes bring the movie’s infamous, iconic villain to life. With great power comes the potential to channel the allure of a bad girl that will never turn good. Our Disney Maleficent Costume is perfect for channeling that inner evil pinup girl. And if you like the more classic animated version of Maleficent, then we have the Disney villain costume for you! Our line of costumes explores the boundaries with nifty costume ideas for Maleficent: we have Maleficent costumes for women and girls so the whole family can dress up. Is Maleficent not your style? We've got plenty of other Disney villains costumes so you can be prepared for your next Halloween party! Take the Cruella DeVille costume, for instance: trust us, if this costume doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. After all, what could be scarier than a woman who wants to make puppies into a fur coat? Although perhaps the wickedest Disney villain costume of them all is the classic Evil Queen from Snow White. And of course, the terrifying Queen of Hearts  costume from Alice in Wonderland is always a popular choice: make sure you get her wig, too! You could also take your Disney villain costume to a whole new world with the impressive Jafar headpiece. Whether you're looking for a costume for a Halloween party or your little girl wants something a bit more original than a classic Disney Princess for her next costume party, we've got the Disney villain costume for you!

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