Ringmaster and Jester Costumes

Ringmaster and Jester Costumes

12 Fun Circus and Jester Costume Ideas

Come one, come all! The circus has remained one of our favourite forms of entertainment, and for good reason. From clowns, to elephants, to lion tamers, to acrobats - there is something for everyone! Not only are there lots of options for circus themed costumes—like ringmaster or bearded lady—but also tons of amazing jester costumes as well! Jesters are incredibly popular characters from Mardi Gras and Venice masquerade festivals, inspired from these medieval-era clowns.   See More Dress Up Ideas


Carnival Costumes: From Ringmaster with his lion, Jesters, Masquerade Masks to Freak Show Costumes, we've got them all!

Welcome, one and all, to the carnival! Put on your carnival and masquerade costumes, your feather boas and bejeweled masks, and let the carnival begin! Take the lead and become the queen of carnival with this Ravishing Ring Master Costume, or start a different kind of masquerade with the Sinister Ringmaster Costume or  Freak Show Ringmistress Costume. Who does not enjoy Halloween Dress Up carnival costumes? Check our sophisticated and stylish Steampunk Madame and the entertaining Evil Jester. This year we also added to our collection the black and white Harlequin. The Deluxe Velvet Cape will give you a magical and mysterious aura. You'll love our assortment of carnival and masquerade accessories, such as the Gold Colourful Masquerade Mask , the stunning Exotic Feather Mask, or the One Eyed Steampunk Mask. You can become anyone and do anything thanks to these Carnival and Masquerade Costumes! Whether you choose one of our stunning costumes or make your own DIY Costume with one of the many masquerade masks we carry, you're sure to have a good time in these Halloween Costumes.Be sure to check out our Circus and Scary Clown Costumes as well, so the show can go on. You can shop in Canada dollar or US dollar. Click on the currency button on the top of the page to select your currency.

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