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If you've been trying hard to achieve a perfectly carved pumpkin, we can tell you that without the proper tools that task can be almost impossible. Carving a pumpkin with our tools can totally change the way you see the activity. Our tools will make the task seem a lot more fun, instead of seeing carving a pumpkin as chore, you can now see it as a fun family activity! We guarantee that buying one of our kits will make it easier. So that this year you can try a more challenging design and wow your neighborhood! Our kits are designed to make your life easier! This 10 piece Pumpkin carving set, for instance, features a handy scoop (also available separately), as well as 6 stencils for pumpkin carving ideas. This other set features 3 pieces and is just as practical! Concerned about fire safety? Ditch the candle, use this flickering light instead! The effect will be the same, but you won't need to worry about your little ones playing with fire. These colour changing eyeballs are also a fun alternative to candles! And don't forget our awesome pumpkin decorations! We've got witch legs, crows, spooky pumpkin huggers (featuring LED eyes!), and more. The only limit is your imagination! And pumpkin enthusiasts will be happy to learn we've got pumpkin costumes and accessories, too! Shop pumpkin decorating tools and decorations online at Oya Costumes Canada. Free delivery available in Canada.

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