Sports Costumes

Sports Costumes

Sports costumes for women and men: athletic costumes and cheerleader costumes

Enjoy life is the fast lane with these thrilling Sports Costumes for Race car, Boxing, Soccer and Referee. We offer matching racing couple Costumes for a Halloween party or for a F1 or Nascar event. Racing has never been as thrilling with this fast-track ensemble! We also offer other sport theme unique costumes, like football costumes, Soccer Costumes or Boxer Costumes. Show your love for hockey and head for the ice ring  with this Hockey Hottie Costume. Watch over the game with the No Rules Hockey Referee. Race to the Halloween party in the Pitstop racer costume or score a homerun in the Baseball Player Women's Costume. Why stop at sports player costumes? You've got loads of other options, such as a Baseball Costume, a Baseball Mitt Costume. Goaal! Show your love for soccer in the soccer ball costume. Encourage your friends and support your team with the hilarious blue makeup pot! Shop sports costume online at Oya Costumes Canada. Game on! Free delivery available in Canada.

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