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Witch Costume

Witch Costume

Which Witch Will You Be?

Did you know… that Hecate was the Greek goddess of witchcraft?
Witchcraft has historically been defined as the ability to influence someone else’s mind or body involuntarily. Powerful, prophetic, enchanting and mysteriousSee More Dress Up Ideas

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Witch costumes: from the Wicked Witch of the West Costume to Salem Witch costumes to Dark Wizard Costumes, enchant your friends this Halloween!

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble... Let the hunt for Witch costumes begin! Have you ever wished to play the part of the evil, scary witch? Or, have you imagined yourself to be a witch that is as gorgeous as the queen? You can be either of those, with just a touch of a finger or click of a mouse. Mystical powers aside, we offer you the chance to have either of those fantasies come true with our selection of Witch costumes. You can have the choice of getting a witch costume that is as scary as they come or appear as lovely as the fairy in the good witch costume like our Glinda the Good Witch costume. We have a huge selection of witch costumes to choose from and it’s not just limited to adult witch costume, we also offer the witch costume for kids and even the toddler witch costume. An option of picking the typical long black wicked witch costume or, choosing a sexy witch costume is also an option. Plus, it is not just confined to black and white witch costume only; there are also colorful ones like the Kandy Korn witch costume, Glinda witch costume, Pretty Caudron witch costume, and etc. Fairy tale witches are often pictured as bad witches, and the usual witch costume is often scary looking. The selection, of which one of the most popular good witch costume is the Glinda good witch costume which projects Halloween witches in another perspective. Indeed, gone are the days where witches are equated with evil and darkness, they are now portrayed more as sexy and friendly witches. Aside from the colorful Kandy Korn witch costume, Oya Costumes also carries the fun Black Glamour witch costume, the dazzling Glenda the good witch costume and the ultimate Playboy sexy witch costume. However, if you're a fan of Wicked, you might prefer the Elphaba or Wicked Witch of the West Costume, (or this version for adults)! Witches are absolutely everywhere in popular culture, and some of the most popular witch and wizard costumes are Harry Potter Costumes. However, that doesn't mean you be bold and beautiful in a classic witch costume such as this Bewitching Witch Costume or this stunning Ember Witch Costume! Children might like a more colourful Black Cat Witch Costume. Talking about black cats, make sure you take yours along with you--what's a witch withour her cat? A great duo costume would be a witch costume and cat costume. These days, witch doctor costumes and voodoo witch costumes are increasingly popular, and with good reason. Spooky and innovative, our Voodoo costumes are a great alternative to the classic witch costume! You could also go with a more historical-themed witch costume with the scary Salem Witch Costume. Another great choice are Disney Witches, such as this cool Maleficent Costume! Hop on your broom and shop online now to get ready for a witchy Halloween.

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