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Halloween Make-Up

Halloween Make-Up

Easy Halloween makeup for your Halloween costume

Halloween makeup has the power to turn you into a character that will terrorize your surroundings, or on the contrary a fantastic creature that will charm all your friends.The choice is yours! Whether you choose horror makeup or fancy makeup, Halloween makeup will turn your ordinary costume into an extraordinary costume. Whether it's a little blood for a vampire suit, sequins for a fairy costume, bright colors for a day of the dead makeup, black and white for a skeleton or clown makeup kit, makeup  really makes a difference! For those who do not feel too comfortable with a makeup brush, we have temporary tattoos that will allow you to become a cat, panther, clown, etc. in a few seconds. Of course, you will also find the basics, such as red or blue cream makeup, as well as lipstick. You will also find kits with detailed explanations such as the pirate makeup kit. For all your Halloween makeup needs, shop online at Oya Costumes! Free delivery available in Canada. 

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