Halloweeen Props and Decorations | Theatre props

Liven up your next Halloween party or costume function with our selection of props. Frighten your guests the moment they walk in the door with hanging Ghosts, haunted gnomes, scary zombies, and more. Complete your Halloween decorating with scary props to give the trick or treaters the scare of their night. Make your party even more memorable with our motorized and light-up props. Watch as the hanging ghost shakes and shivers, the zombie moves and lights up. All you need is a fun and exciting Halloween prop! Your witch costume wouldn't be complete without this broom prop! And you'll need this dragon tail for your dragon costume, just like this detective magnifying glass prop is indispensable for your detective costume, and this inflatable guitar prop is a must for your rockstar or 80s costume. This radioctive syringe prop will add a great spooky touch to your haunted house decor. You can also use our amazing selection of Halloween props for plays. Whether you need props for your Halloween costume or for your haunted house Halloween decor, you can find it online at Oya Costumes Canada! Free shipping available in Canada.

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