Eyelashes Collection

Eyelashes Collection

False eyelashes for your Halloween Costume: Halloween Eye Makeup

Who doesn't love to put on makeup? Specially if it is for a special occasion. Our eyelashes collection offers you a variety of styles that suit every occasion, whether you want them long, short, full or with special designs, we have then all... Get your eyelashes on our website so your eyes will be the center of attention! We've got fantasy eyelashes and more realistic eyelashes. A final touch to your disguise! These Rose eyelashes will add a glamourous touch to any outfit. The perfect addition for a burlesque costume or to complete your look for an evening out! And for Saint Patrick's Day, what better way to complete your green costume than these Fairy/ St Patrick's Green Eyelashes? Wear it around town for fun and watch heads turn! We've got loads of other costume eyelashes, that you can use to create a bold makeup look to go with your costume or to complete a specific character costume! These ball eyelashes will instantly draw attention to your eyes, and your look will reach a different level with this alluring Black Peaked Eyelashes. Make your costume or cosplay pop with these Lashing Out Loud Eyelashes! Add stunning detail to your costume with Oya Costumes' collection of high quality eyelashes. Your beautiful costume deserves a beautiful makeup look to go with it! You'll find everything you need online at Oya Costumes Canada. Free delivery available in Canada!

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