The Incredibles Costumes

The Incredibles Costumes

The Incredibles II: 5 Costume Ideas and Fun Movie Facts!

The Incredibles is one of the best Pixar movies ever, and we finally got to see a sequel! It's about time for you to start planning your Incredibles Halloween costume—and your supper family too! Whether you want to be Elastigirl, Mr Incredible, or even Jack Jack, here at Oya Costumes we have the outfit for you. See More Dress Up Ideas

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The Best Incredibles Costumes: Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, and more!

We loved the original The Incredibles movie, as the family struggled to fit into suburban life with their special powers—all while saving the world. For us Halloween lovers, The Incredibles costumes have always been terrific for the whole family! Everyone can join in trick-or-treating in an amazing family group costume. Who's your favourite character? Dad can go as Frozone, or Mr Incredible himself, while Mom can be Elastigirl. The kids can dress up as Dash, Violet, or Jack Jack! Are you feeling evil? Maybe villains are more your style—Buddy Pine, also known as Syndrome, is one of the funniest villains ever! You could also be the Underminer, Mirage, or Evelyn Deavor from The Incredibles II. The options are endless! In this new movie, there are also tons of other heroes to choose from. Elastigirl meets a whole new group! Grab your friends and get together to create the best Incredibles costume ever. You could be He-Lectrix, Krushauer, or Voyd! If The Incredibles aren't quite your style, we have tons of other Disney costumes at your fingertips: Marvel, princesses, Mickey Mouse, and more! We've got everything you need here at Oya Costumes.

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