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Jack Skellington Costume Ideas!

Did you know… that the Nightmare Before Christmas was originally a poem?
Halloween is a time to beat up stress and join the spooky fun. If your partner is as fun loving as you areSee More Dress Up Ideas

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Jack Skellington & Sally Costumes: Find all your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes here!

Dark nights, candle lights and hooting sounds!… Halloween would never be complete without Sally and Jack… Get your The nightmare before Christmas costume today! Get into the mood and spread the spirit that surrounds the Halloween atmosphere. Dress up as Sally and Jack, The nightmare before Christmas costume made for couples! Astonish everyone at your Halloween party with the Jack Skellington and Sally costumes, a classic couple costume for Halloween. The officially licensed Sally and Jack Skellington costumes are inspired by Tim Burton's movie "Nightmare Before Christmas". Jack Skellington is Halloween Town's "Pumpkin King" who somehow wanders into Christmas Town. However, he innocently ruins the holiday, not understanding the "point" behind Christmas. Sally is the sensible character in the film, but is too shy to show how she really feels for Jack. Slip on these costumes then embrace and kiss under the moonlight. If you miss the unmistakably Burton-esque atmosphere of the Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Costumes and Sally Costumes are the perfect way to get into the Halloween Spirit. After all, what could be more appropriate than dressing up as the Pumpkin King on Halloween night? You could also try our Sally Costume for a twist on the classic patchwork dress, or get some of our great accessories like the Jack Skellington mask or the Jack Skellington top hat for a DIY Nightmare before Christmas Costume. Jack and Sally are also a very popular Couple's Costume: get Nightmare before Christmas Costumes for you and your partner for a wonderful Halloween Night. 

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