Police and Prisoner Costumes

Police and Prisoner Costumes

Police Costumes, Orange is the New Black Prisoner Costumes, Robber Costumes and Jail Costumes for your Halloween Party!

Hands up! You're under arrest... for not having your Police costume yet! Our new and updated collection of Prisoner Costumes and Police Costumes is here, for your enjoyment. Police Halloween Costumes are some of the coolest Occupation Costumes you can find! You'll find every kind of police costume here, from the realistic to the satirical. And we're always adding new police and prisoner costumes  so you can find something new everytime you come back! You could be a part of the famous SWAT team for a day with th Ladies' SWAT costume, the Men's Deluxe SWAT costume and the Junior SWAT costume. We also have lots of other options, such as the SWAT Police Officer Plus Size Costume, the Candy Cop Women's Costume and the Sheriff Shirt. Kids shouldn't be left out of the fun this Halloween: play cop and robbers with the Police Chief Play Set, and don't forget the little brother or sister with the Baby Cop Costume! You'll need all the help you can get to keep your friends wearing the Kid's Jailbird costumes in prison. As for the prisoners, we've got a great selection of prisoner, inmates, and jailbird Halloween Costumes. Relive the hit series Orange is the new Black as you serve time in Litchfield Penitentiary with an Orange Prisoner Costume (also available in a sassier version), or get out of jail free in the Miss Behaved Women's Prisoner Costume. This classic prisonner costume will take you back to your childhood cartoons, while this terrifying Psycho Ward Costume is a spooky twist on the typical prisoner costume. The Creepy Convict Kid's Costume is even scarier! Finally, you can relive the golden days of gangsters and mobsters with our 20's gangster costumes--just make sure you don't get arrested!

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