60s Hippie Costumes

60s Hippie Costumes

9 Groovy 60s Costumes for Your Flower Power Party!

The sixties were full of fun, flower power, and funky looks. Throw it back this Halloween and dress up in a 60s costume! Whether you want to be a hippie or a mod girl, we have everything you need here at Oya Costumes. Check out our favourite 60s costume ideas! See More Dress Up Ideas

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The Best Sixties Costumes in Canada!

Do you like 60s costumes and hippie costumes as much as we do? It's Flower Power Hour here at Oya Costumes! Experience a blast from the past with our collection of hippie and other sixties era costumes! From the psychedelic fashion of the 1960s the groovy outfits of the early 70s, our hippie sixties costume ideas never run out! What's your favourite throwback look? Maybe you're a Mod girl with bold accessories and simple, chic dresses! You'll look like you walked right out of your favourite Austin Powers movie. What about Flower Power? Here at Oya Costumes we've got everything you need for your hippie costume: long straight wigs, floral clothing, fringe, and of course some facial hair. You'll be best dressed at your Woodstock party! These 60s costumes are so perfect for a couple's look or a group costume. If you have a big family, check out our costumes for babies, children, and the toddlers in between! We also have a section just for teens. So, what's your sixties look? Find it here at Oya Costumes, where we have the best shipping and customer service right at your fingertips!

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