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A costume party and Halloween will not be the same without people in animal costumes.  Nothing could be more cuddly than a little toddler in a bunny costume.  Nothing can get men purring than a beautiful lady in a seductive feline suit.  And a guy in a chicken suit will always be good for laughs in any event or party. On the other hand, mascots are a definite must in any children’s party.  Mascots are meant to liven up a crowd.  It’s the exact reason mascots are used for parades, games, and other events that involve a lot of people.  Mascots are commonly oversized animal costumes such as dogs or frogs.  But some unique mascot costumes are now made from unique characters such as pirates or elves. At Oya Costumes Canada, we offer the most interesting animal costumes and mascot costumes you will ever find. We have quality bear costumes, bunny costumes, lady bug costumes, and other animals that are comfortable and unique for both kids and adults.  These are comfortable and durable costumes that will surely be a blast on Halloween, a party, or even a play.  Browse through our collection of costumes and mascots and find the perfect one for you and your family.

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