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Animal Costumes, Mascot, and Animal kits!

Whether you’re looking for the ever-popular inflatable T-Rex costume, a bug costume, a cozy onesie, or an adorable cat costume for your little darling, we’ve got all the animal costumes you need right here at Oya Costumes Canada!  Animal costumes are a popular choice when it comes to Halloween costumes: easy to put together, comfortable, and downright adorable, they’re perfect for trick or treating or Halloween parties, but also year round! We’ve got a wide range of animal costumes for both adults and kids: your little one will look super cute and stay nice and warm in one of our animal jumpsuits, such as the Panda Toddler Costume or the Penguin Baby Costume. For older children, the Monarch costume or the inflatable halloween costumes are great choices!  Adults also have lots of options to choose from. Opt for a scary animal costume such as this Full Moon Madness Wolf Costume, or a funny animal costume such as this hilarious funky chicken costume. Reference the infamous Left Shark with this Blue Shark Adult costume, or quote Mean Girls with the Mouse  Kit (“I’m a mouse, duh!”)!  All our animal kits make great options for a DIY costume: all you need is the kit and a bit of makeup, and you’ll be good to go! Our elephant mascot costume will remind you of Coldplay’s Paradise clip; be sure to check out our other mascots, too. Great for parades and parties, they’re an investment you won’t regret! If you’d rather be sassy than cute, this Sly Leopard costume might be perfect for you! Which animal costume will you wear today? The choice is yours!


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