Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Bros Costumes: Mario and Luigi costumes for Girls and Guys!

What makes Mario Bros costumes so popular? Created in 1983, Mario Bros is, to this day, one of the most successful video game franchises of all times. With endearing characters, fun levels, and multiple games that can be played on a number of platforms, Mario Bros games were a part of many people's childhoods and still captivate kids and adults today. And with the release of the incredible Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, you can be sure you'll be right on trend with a Mario Bros costume! Want to defeat Bowser once and for all? There's no better way then doing it in person! We have one of the largest selection of Nintendo Costumes and Super Mario Bros Costumes. Whether you're after a Mario Costume, a Princess Peach Costume, a Luigi Costume, a Bowser Costume, a Toad Costume, we have them all! Other favorites include this incredibly fun Super Mario riding Yoshi Costume: which combines two incredibly popular costumes: the inflatable dinosaur and a Mario Costume. Plus, we have a large collection of Super Mario Costumes accessories. Which can be great when you're trying to achieve the perfect ensemble or you just want to pair them with some of your regular clothing! This means that if you're looking to create a DIY Mario costume or DIY luigi costume, you can find what you need here! For instance, take a look at this Luigi accessory kit. Our favorite part about this collection is that it is the perfect group costume. Heads will turn when you and your friends walk in as a Super Mario group. You could, for instance, get the Luigi Deluxe Costume, the Mario Deluxe Costume, the Princess Peach Costume, the Bowser Costume, and the Yoshi costumes: you'll be the life of any costume party! Another great idea is for a mom and daughter to dress up with these Pretty Plumber Luigi Costume and Pretty Plumber Mario Costume. Or we love the classic couple costume: Mario and Princes Peach. There really is no going wrong with these adorable costumes! Practise your best Mario accent: people will be expecting you to say "It's-a me, Mario!" when you show up in one of these cool Super Mario Bros Costumes.

Top 6 Coolest Super Mario Dress Up Ideas!

Though the main costumes of our favorite characters remained remotely the same over the years, some changes and upgrades of our favorite Super Mario Bros characters - Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad and Luigi! - have been made by fans or other creators. Here are some of Mario’s favorite characters and their inspired costume ideas! See More

Super Mario Costume IdeasSuper Mario Costume Ideas

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