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Ninja Costumes

Ninja Costumes

Ninja costumes for everyone: women's ninja costume, kids' ninja costume, man's ninja costume, DIY ninja costume, and more!

Ninjas were covert agents from Japan that were hired to do jobs of espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and warefare. Often times ninjas were a part of a family or guild, each of which had their own territory. Ninjas were also ranked within their families: the highest rank being jonin (upper man), then chunin (middle man), and finally, genin (lower man) who were the ones actually taking care of the missions. To be a part of the organization was an honor as the amount of training that went into this job was immense. So to wear Ninja Costumes this Halloween would be a great honor to yourself. Join the shadow army this Halloween with your very own Adult Ninja Costumes and Womens Ninja Costumes! With your costume you will get to take on the identity of a spy. Wonder through the darkness without being seen. Sneak up on your friends and scare them. You even get to play with weapons. What more could you ask for? How could you not choose to wear Ninja Costumes this Halloween? If you need some help choosing a costume we have some great suggestions for Adult Ninja Costumes! For Women Ninja Costumes try the: Classic black Womens Ninja Costume so you can go back to the traditions of Japan and be a true ninja. Or look fierce, strong and sexy in this Femme Fatale Womens Ninja Costume! Our choices for men would be: also the Classic Black Ninja Costume that will make you feel like a real ninja in a full garment costume. Or try the Sub-Zero Ninja Costume to feel extremely powerful in an armored ninja costume. Do you still need more reasons to wear an Adult Ninja Costume? How about getting the kids involved with their own Kids Ninja Costumes like the comfortable and cute Kigarumi Kids Ninja Costume or the Ninja Warrior Costume! That way it’s for the kids, not just you! Get your whole family involved and set up missions and tasks for ninjas that you can all do together in your Adult Ninja Costumes and Kids Ninja Costumes! You can imitate ninja fights, set up spying missions or ways to get the most Candy. You can even learn the ancient ninja techniques of water, fire, earth and wind. This is why you need to be a Ninja this Halloween. Shop online now at Oya Costumes Canada!

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