Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

10 Most Classic Halloween Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

You can use a Halloween mask for any costume! Since the tradition of Halloween began, so many classic costumes have lasted through the ages. Everybody loves a witch costume or a cute pumpkin costume. Check out our favourite classic Halloween costume ideas here! See More Dress Up Ideas

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Halloween Masks, Funny Masks, Scary Masks

Looking for a Halloween Mask to mask your identity? We have an ever-growing selection of masks including many scary masks and ani-motion masks. Our range goes from terrifying ani-motion zombie masks  and clown masks  to classic figures like the Grinch and includes animal masks like this Plastic Horse Face Mask. For those looking for a mask for a masquerade ball, we carry a selection of stunning venetian masks and feathered masks, such as this delightfully sparkly Snowflake Feather Mask. Other classic masks include political figures such as JFK and more recently Barrack and Michelle Obama masks. For those looking for theatrical masks, you can find blank masks, phantom of the opera masks, comedy masks and more. You get it, we have every kind of mask you could want here at Oya Costumes Canada! Masks are such an important part of a costume: your choice of Halloween mask could seriously make or break your costume! We know the importance of a good mask: look at our extensive collection and find one that's right for you! Whether you want a spooky mask, a funny mask, or a realistic Halloween mask, you're sure to get what you need here.Be sure to check out cool Halloween Mask options like this tough-looking silver Gas Mask, this Hannibal-inspired Cannibal Crazy Mask or this Gold Skull Steampunk Mask, straight from an era of steam engines and post-apocalyptic deserts! You can use your mask as a starting point and build your costume around it, or you could use it as a finishing touch for your already fabulous costume: with Oya Costume's masks, the possibilities are endless! 

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