Monkey Costumes

Monkey Costumes

Monkey costumes for children and adults: Monkey See Monkey Do!

Monkey costumes are fun for the whole family! Monkeys are everywhere in popular culture, from movies to songs to sayings to cartoons. You might remember Curious George and his friend the Man in the Yellow Hat from your childhood, or the friendly lemur Zooboomafoo. A lot of monkeys  in cartoons are depicted with bananas, which is why our collection of Bananas Costumes is perfect to wear in a duo costume if you or your child are wearing a monkey costume. Perhaps one of the most well known monkey costumes is the flying monkey costume from The Wizard of Oz. If you want to fly alongside the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz, we offer Flying Monkey Costumes for adults and children. However, monkey costumes don't have to be scary! This little monkey is beyond adorable. You just know he'll get plenty of banana candy this Halloween! Baby Monkey costumes are adorable, and will be great for your child's first Halloween. There are, additionally, more realistic adult monkey costumes such as this gorilla costume. Or, alternatively, this Hot Pink Gorilla is great if you're looking for a fun monkey costume.

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