Plus Size Costumes

Plus Size Costumes

Adult Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

We have literally hundreds of plus size Halloween costumes for men and women of all sizes at incredible prices. Besides offering one of the largest selections of plus size costumes available in Canada, you will also find great costume ideas for couples. Ever popular themes for plus size costumes includes plus size Disco costumes, Pirate costumes, Plus size 20s flappers and Gangsters. In addition to the more conservative themed costumes, our women’s plus costumes include some characters that are more flirty and sexy. For sexy plus size costumes, favourites include the Sexy Nurse, Red Riding Hood French Maid, Police officer and many others. Sexy Plus costumes aren't necessarily revealing, but are designed specifically for full figure bodies so that you look and feel amazing. Oya Costumes in Canada is pleased to offer plus size versions of many of the costumes we sell. Adult plus size costumes not only come in many of the preferred choices as regular size costumes, they also come in the same quality and durability. If you are taller or fuller than others, why force yourself into smaller sizes? Adult plus size Halloween costumes provide a better fit, allowing you to enjoy your party or Halloween night-out in comfort and style. We hope you will enjoy your costumes for years to come. Browse through our adult Halloween costumes plus size collection and find your costume you’ve been looking for right here in Canada!

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