Canada and 1st of July Celebration

Canada and 1st of July Celebration

10 Fun Costumes to Celebrate Canada 

Every year, Canadians rally together and celebrate July 1st, which is a national statutory holiday named Canada Day. Celebrations vary, but mostly includes barbecues, fireworks, outdoor concerts, parades and get-togethers. Canada day is an easy theme to dress up to: all you need are the classic red and white colours, and a Canadian flag! We've compiled a list below to inspire you to dress-up for the nation's famed holiday, so you can celebrate in style while giving thanks to this amazing country that continues to do amazing things for its people!   See More Dress Up Ideas



Canada Day Costume Ideas and Canada Day Accessories

Oh Canada! Celebrate Canada Day in style with Oya Costumes Canada's collection of Canada Day costumes. Dress up in red and white for July first and happy Canada Day to you! You could wear an actual Canada Flag Costume. This patriotic outfit features a red and white satin-looking flag tunic with red maple leaf print on the center. Another fun idea is this Canada Flag Morphsuit! People are sure to chuckle when they see you in this cool morphsuit this July First. Your child could also celebrate in style with a Canadian Mountie Costume! This iconic Canadian costume will be perfect for Canada Day. And don't forget the makeup! One of the easiest way to show your love for Canada is to paint maple leaves on your hands, arms and face with some red body paint. These Canada Flag Wings are gorgeous and exclusive to Oya Costumes and will be perfect to get in the spirit of Canada Day! But really, what could be more Canadian than this oh-so-huggable Beaver Mascot?

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