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Priest and Nun Costumes

Priest and Nun Costumes

Priest Costume, Nun Costumes and more Religious Costumes at Oya Costumes Canada

Priest and nuns costumes can be fun if done right! A popular costume party theme, priest costumes and nun costumes are almost always a guaranteed hit. They're also a fashion statement: just look at the outfits from the 2018 Met Gala! Even before that, fashion designers included religious-inspired outfits in their collections. In fact, religious costumes aren't just great at Halloween parties: they can be found in many pop culture domains. For instance, the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost's frontmen traditionally don papal gear. Nun costumes and priest costumes are sometimes also worn with a comedic twist (like this Pregnant Nun Costume) by those who aren't afraid to be a bit controversial. Nun  costumes can also be scary: just look at the white nun costume from the popular TV show American Horror Story! Whether you're going to a religious costumes themed party, want to wear a funny costume, or were just inspired by the incredible 2018 Met Gala outfits, you'll love our collection of  nun and priest costumes! The spooky Zombie Priest Costume is a popular choice, just like the more classic Pope Costume,  Cardinal Costume, Nun Costume or Priest Costume. You could also be a bit irreverent and have fun with this Flirty Nun Costume. We carry plenty of different styles of religious costumes so you can find the priest costume or nun costume that's best for you!

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