20s Costumes

20s Costumes

Relive the Roaring 20s With These 10 Best Flapper Costumes!

It's hard to believe that the Roaring 20s were almost 100 years ago! This decade marked an important time in history in so many ways: the end of the first World War, the beginning of female independence, and jazz! To celebrate this amazing decade, why not dress up and party like we're still in it? Take a look at our 10 favourite flapper and dapper costumes inspired by the Roaring 20s!See More Dress Up Ideas

1920s Costume Party Ideas1920s Costume Party Ideas


The Best Flapper and Gangster Costumes in Canada!

The 1920s were a revolutionary decade for both men's and women's clothing! What better way to celebrate than to dress up in a 1920s flapper costume or gangster costume? Here at Oya Costumes Canada, we have everything you need for your Halloween or costume party. We have tons of flapper dresses in every colour: black, champagne white, red, blue, silver, and more! Don't forget the fringe. Use accessories like a boa, white gloves, or a long and elegant cigarette holder to complete the look. If you want to cover up your long hair, try a bob wig for your 1920s costume! Add your own personality to this easy costume. Our looks fit every size! Are you looking for something more dapper? We have tons of suits for men to live out your gangster and zoot suit dreams. The pinstripes are specific to the time and will look so classy at your 1920s themed costume party! You'll dance the night away. If you're looking for other decades, try our 1950s costumes, 1960s costumes, 1970s costumes, 1980s costumes, 1990s costumes, and more! 

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