Animated and Light up Halloween Decor

Animated and Light up Halloween Decor

Light up decor and animated Halloween decorations

Tired of the same old Halloween Decoration you've had for years? Try something new and animated this Halloween: Our decor is perfect for a spooky lawn on Halloween or even a haunted house! All of these decorations light up and/or make noises. They are sure to make a statement on a eerie Halloween night... Do you want the scariest house on the block this Halloween? This 30 inch Animated Slashing Vampire will startle guests and passersby! It's a perfect prop to complete your Halloween yard or party venue. Hang it from a tree near your house, along your doorway, or in a dark corner of your home, and it will sure provide the fright that you desire. A perfect and easy way to transform your home into a haunted space! Complete your Halloween graveyard with this Barking Skeleton Dog Decor! This creepy piece of prop features a 15-inch skeleton dog body, which possesses a studded collar and black leash, as well as a pair of fiece glowing red eyes. This prop is also designed with animal sounds, which make it a lot more gruesome. You could also spook and amuse your guests with this motion-activated animated spider prop. This 15" prop shakes when the sensor is activated! Shop animated Halloween props now at Oya Costumes Canada!

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