Costume Capes and Poncho

Costume Capes and Poncho

12 Cool Cape Costume Ideas

There is a reason capes are staples in so many outfits and characters' costumes: they're sleek, fashionable, and send a message of power. You can find them in so many costumes, whether it be an established superhero like Superman or Batman, or in something more generic like a vampire or masquerade outfit. Looking for inspiration for a cape costume? Browse our list for these easy and inexpensive cape-based costumes!   See More Dress Up Ideas

Costume Capes

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a... Cape! We have a wide selection of costume Capes for your Halloween needs. Whether you're a superhero or a level 40 mage, characters from the mighty to the mythical need a cape for their outfit. We have large versatile capes which can be used for many characters, as well as fur-trimmed capes, luxurious flowing capes, and more. You can become a vampire, Lady Gaga, Red Riding Hood, or a knight in shining armour just by changing your cape.  Don't leave your Halloween costume incomplete this year. Pick up a cape from Oya Costumes!

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