Wear The Look: 10 Costumes from our Favourite Movies and Shows

Wear The Look: 10 Costumes from our Favourite Movies and Shows

Posted by Sabrina Marie Balliana on 2021 Sep 18th

10 Costumes Inspired by Our Favourite Characters Movies and Television Series

Have you been part of the large number of people binging Netflix during the pandemic? So many amazing Tv series and movies have graced our screens recently, and we are so obsessed with the amazing costumes that have come with it. Did you know that Netflix saw an increase of  36 million subscribers during 2020? From Beth Harmon's amazing outfits, to Wanda's beautiful long ginger hair, to Loki's outfit in the new television series, there are so many amazing costumes to pick from for your Halloween costume this year!

1. Queen's Gambit: Beth Harmon's Dress

Did you know that chess set sales went up 125% after the release of Queen's Gambit in the United States? Not only is Beth Harmon's confidence addictive, but so is her poised and eclectic fashion sense. This Halloween season, take a more poised take on a television series costume by dressing as one of Beth Harmon's most elegant outfits, including our amazing chess-print scarf to wear either around your head or neck! Shop her look here.

2. Wandavision: Wanda's 70's Ginger Hair Wig

We loved Marvel's take on WandaVision, as it offered a fresh look on a Marvel story, while providing us with a mini-series that employed different designs from different time periods. We in particular loved Wanda's look in the 1970's, especially her long ginger hair, which can be used for a variety of costume ideas (Wanda included!). Shop the look here.

3. Marshmello from Fortnite

Although not from a tv show or movie, this costume, which is a video game's rendition of the popular DJ, is sure to be a hit at any costume party this year. Marshmello is a music industry sensation, rising to popularity practically overnight! Be the biggest musical legend at the Halloween party this Halloween season with our Marshmello costumes here. 

4. Loki: Loki in his Time Variance Costume

The Loki series on Disney+ took the world by storm, allowing us to finally see our favourite antihero on the big screen again. While his Time Variance Alliance costume is quite different from what we usually see Loki in, we love this fresh take on his outfit and are loving the series just as much! Shop Loki's look here.

5. A Promising Young Woman: Cassie’s Nurse’s Outfit

If you’ve seen this dark comedy directed by Emerald Fennell, you’ll be head-over-heels for this heart-stopping nurse’s outfit that Cassie wears in the final scene. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t already seen it, but what we will say is this costume is definitely to die for! Shop the look  here, and don’t forget the amazing multicolored wig!

6. WandaVision: Agnes/Agatha Harkness

What a twist! We never saw that coming, even though there were Easter eggs hidden all throughout. Go big this Halloween season and show off your villainess look with this amazing Agatha Harkness/Agnes-inspired witch costume, available  here. 

7. Monsters Inc: Sulley-Style Monster, or any Other Monster from the Franchise 

Boo! We absolutely love the Monsters Inc franchise, including its newest addition: Monsters At Work! Have you had a chance to watch the series yet, available on Disney+? While monsters are supposed to be scary, we can't help but want to cuddle up in these adorable monster costumes. Shop our look here

8. Tiger King: Carole Baskin

Tiger King took the world by storm with its mixture of eclectic characters, wild plot-points and of course, tigers! Although Carole Baskin is definitely a controversial character, we appreciate her commitment to her feline friends, consistently donning leopard or cat-print clothing. Shop our Tiger King costumes  here, and don’t forget to tag us in your Tiger King-themed costumes!

9. WandaVision: Wanda's Halloween Costume

Another one of our favourite costumes from WandaVision includes this amazing Halloween outfit Wanda wears, which is an ode to Scarlet Witch's outfit in the original Marvel comics. While maybe not the best to trick-or-treat in our chilly Montreal Halloweens, it certainly is perfect for any Halloween party you may be attending! Shop Wanda's stunning look here. 

10. The Flight Attendant: Cassie Bowden's Flight Attendant Outfit

Have you watched the drama-comedy series The Flight Attendant, starring Kaley Cuoco? While her flight attendant's outfit might seem normal, we love the crisp and refined look to it. Dress as Kaley character in this flight attendant's outfit, available here.

While we understand that classic costumes are a must, costumes based off new movies and television series are equally, if not more, exciting and creative! Try your hand at some of these beloved characters from recently popular pieces of entertainment, and don't forget to take us on social media if you choose to partake in the fun!

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