Top 10 Famous Lion Costumes

Top 10 Famous Lion Costumes

Posted by Sabrina Balliana on 2021 Aug 21st

Top 10 Famous Lions to Dress up as for Halloween for the Whole Family

Ready to become the king of the jungle? From Scar to the Cowardly Lion, lions have had their place in Hollywood for decades. While we may feel enamored by their golden coats and fluffy manes, lions also carry the spirit of leadership and strength and are regarded as natural born leaders. With these amazing lion costumes, we're sure to get some roars! Whether you prefer dressing up as a  famous lion from a movie or play, a lion from the circus or a lion from the Sahara, we have some amazing inspiration for you! Check out our costumes down below inspired by famous lion in pop culture.

1. Cowardly lion

Via @homesweetlakehouse on Instagram

Lions, tigers and bears oh my! Starting strong is the famous Lion from the Wizard of Oz. The fictional animal character was created by L. Frank Baum when the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was first published in 1900. But the beloved Cowardly Lion became famous with the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, the most ever watched movie according to the  Library of Congress. Although he is known as the Cowardly Lion, this lion is one brave Lion. He did not understand that courage means acting in the face of fear and facing one's fears. He saved Dorothy and her friend many times and, in the process, became aware of his courage that he always had. The Wizard of Oz Lion is inspired by African lions, and he is depicted with a muscular, deep-chested, short round head and yellow/dark brown fur. You are sure to make an impression this Halloween with the Cowardly Lion and his medal of courage.

2. Lion King


The Lion King debuted in the 1994 original Disney film and led to a TV spin off, film remake, educational shorts,  video games and Broadway plays. The franchise has earned Disney 8.1 billion, making it one the highest grossing franchises. The movie follows the Mufasa, the king of the jungle, and his tribe,  along with a coming-of-age plot following his son Simba This movie can inspire amazing group costume ideas, as everyone can join in, such as the family above pictured in Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumba and Rafiki costumes!

3. Élsa


Inspired by true events, books and movies have told the story of a human-raised lionesses cub named Elsa. Partners Joy and George Adamson raised this lion from cub to adulthood before releasing her into the wild of Kenya.After a lion takes the life of a human , the game warden is sent to find the menace and his female. Adamson brings the remaining three cubs back home to his wife Joy to raise them. Watch the 1966 classic Born free on Netflix for more about this incredible story, and use its powerful plotline to inspire a fierce lion costume like the one pictured above!

4. Simba and Nala in Broadway Style


After the notable success of the Lion King movie, a Broadway production of the same name hit the stage in 1997. Adapting the costumes to fit a more African style, the Broadway productions uses costumes with hollow puppets, yellow and brown tones and classic African patterns. If you're looking for a lion-themed costume this year that strays from the path, take inspiration from this much-loved play that has grossed 8.1 billion dollars since 2017 and is the top-earning title for a stage production. 

5. Leo

Via @glenroyal_hotel on Instagram

You may not recognize him by name or in this form, but if you've ever watched a movie in the last 64 years, you will recognize the face of Leo the lion in the introduction of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This giant roaring feline weights 190 kg and sports an orange and golden yellow mane. With this costume, you'll make heads turn are an add a creative spin on a classic lion costume! Throw in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo for an easily-recognizable detail. 

6. Alex From Madagascar


If it isn't New York's most famous zoo performer! Created by Dreamworks, Madagascar first made us fall in love with this gentle giant and his best Friends Marty, Melman and Gloria in 2005 and continued to charm us until its 5th movie in 2014. Alakay is best known as Alex the lion is the king of New York. Not like typical lions, he has a passion for dancing and being well-groomed.

7. Aslan


Behind the closet door, we find Narnia's main character. Interestingly enough, this is the only one to be written in all 7 books. Aslan is considered a  majestic talking symbol of all that is good; who wouldn't want to be a God for a day?! Add other Narnia characters for a group or couple's costume, like the two pictured above. 

8. Scar From Lion King


While it's everyone's first instinct to dress as beloved Simba or Nala, you take a creative spin on a famous lion costume and go as the famous Disney villain, Scar! While dressing in a full Scar costume is an option, you can also create Scar's face using amazing makeup techniques, like pictured above! This person created Scar's silhouette using only makeup, which is incredible impressive, and financially-savvy. 

9. Braveheart

Via @witch_on_the_run on Instagram

He is a cousin to Care Bears and appears mostly in the original series. His fur is orange and his belly badge is a red heart with a golden crown. He sports a thick mane that is almost as big as his personality. Loud and overbearing, the leader of the Carebear cousins has the power to fill anyone with courage and confidence! 

10. Prince John


Not as nice as the previous lion, this prince is the antagonist of the famous Robin Hood story. Contrary to Robin Hood, who steals from the rich to give to the poor, this cowardly lion has ulterior motives and and steals for his wealth and bad intentions. You can recognize the villain by his king-like look, which features a large golden bejewelled crown and long red cape with black and white cuffs. Easy to achieve, and add a Robin Hood or Little John next to you for a group or couple costume! 

Which famous lion is your favourite? Or do you prefer dressing as a generic lion from the Sahara? Browse our wide selection of lion costumes below, and don't forget to tag us on social media if you choose to partake in the roarin' fun!

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