Top 10 Cute Cat Costume Ideas

Top 10 Cute Cat Costume Ideas

Posted by Sabrina Marie Balliana on 2021 Jul 30th

Top 10 Best Cat Costume Ideas For the Whole Family

Stick to the classics this Halloween season and dress as everyone's favourite companion animal, cats! Cat costumes are simple, easy to recognize, and sure to make you feel adorable all night long. Cats have coexisted alongside humanity for so long, and it is said that they began domesticating themselves when they started to engage in a  mutual beneficial relationship of hunting field mice on farms around 8000 years ago. Humans have long since adored cats, whether it was big jungle cats from afar, or small cats as pets. For this reason, we've compiled a list of 10 of our favourite cat costume ideas, ranging from generic to beloved pop culture characters, so you can join in the kitten appreciation in your own way!

1. Witch and her Cat

Witch with Black Cat Costume Idea


If you’ve watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, you know this: witches have black cats. In the middle ages, it was common belief that witches could transform into cats, which sadly led to cats being burned or killed out of fear. During the Salem witch trials, some witches confessed to being under the influence of “familiar” or spirits, some of which took the shape of black cats. Today, magical or not, black cats are still associated with witches, which lead to the creation of fantastical characters such as the Cheshire cat. Combine your favourite witch costume with a black cat or stuffed animal for a traditional and historical take on cat costumes.

2. Luna from Sailor Moon

Luna from Sailor Moon Costume


"In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Remember everyone's favourite anime from the 90's, Sailor Moon? Pay homage to this childhood favourite by going as Luna, Sailor Moon's loyal advisor. Since she is a purple cat, this costume is fairly simply to create, requiring only a purple jumpsuit or outfit, a purple wig and purple ears. Don't forget her signature yellow moon crest on her forehead, and diehard Sailor Moon fans will be sure to recognize you instantly!

3. Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls 

Costume de Gretchen Wieners and Regina George


Want to dress as a cat from pop culture but want to reference a cult classic? We adore this costume from @bocamag, depicting Gretchen Wieners' iconic cat costume from the infamous Halloween parties in Mean Girls. Additionally, you can get a group of your friends together and go as the whole Mean Girls ensemble, whether in their Halloween costumes or in their normal clothing!

4. Cats the Musical

Cats the Musical Makeup


Cats: The Musical gave us many iconic characters, such as the Jellicle cats and Macavity, who defies every human law—even the law of gravity. But most of all, it’s given us iconic dances, songs, and cat costumes. “When you fall on your head, do you land on your feet? /Are you tense when you sense there’s a storm in the air?” Put on your cat ears, draw on some whiskers, and off you go to the Jellicle Ball!

5. Sabrina Spellman And Her Cat, Salem

Sabrina Spellman and her Cat Salem


Another classic TV show from the 90's is Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and we are sure that everyone loved her iconic black cat, Salem. Dress as Sabrina with Salem by her side, or pick their updated outfits from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and embark on mystical adventures with your favourite feline companion by your side.

6. A Jungle Cat, like Scar from Lion King 

Scar Cosplay

Via @ali_fro on Instagram

Try a creative twist on a feline costume this year, but depicting a jungle cat, such as Scar from Lion King! Did you know that the Lion King was the  first ever original Disney film, that was written without any source material? It's also the highest grossing animated film, with a box office total 986 million. Pay homage to this Disney favourite by dressing as your favourite character or villain, like Simba or Scar!

7. Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat and Alice in Wonderland Cosplay

Via @chocodeveline on Instagram

Fall down the rabbit hole and get dressed up as a Disney classic character, Cheshire Cat! Cheshire cat has been depicted even earlier than the  1865 book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It doesn't require much to go as this iconic cat, as all you need are some bright pink and purple clothing, some face paint to depict his iconic wide smile, some matching ears and you're set!  

8. Garfield

Homemade Garfield and Odie Costumes


Garfield has been a longtime favourite in terms of popular cats across the years. All you need for this adorable Garfield (and Odie!) costume are onesies in the appropriate colour and to customize them! We absolutely adore this Garfield and Odie homemade costumes by @diy.primary. 

9. Black Cat

Black cat Costume DIY


Keep it classic and dress as a famous symbol for Halloween, the classic black cat! This costume idea is perfect if you're stuck in a time crunch, don't want to spend, or want to make it yourself. All it requires is black clothes, cat ears, some face paint and a tail! Want to add a little extra? Get more cat accessories, like a ball of yarn or toy mouse.

10. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Costume with Corset

Via @lizzparty on Instagram

Hello Kitty has been around since the 70's, so it's only natural that she would have garnered such a big and loyal fanbase over the decades. There are many variations of Hello Kitty costumes, whether it's a dress with a cat face drawn on, a big mascot-style costume, or a cute adaption, like @lizzparty above. Pay homage to this beloved Sanrio cat and turn heads at the party!

Cats have been present in our personal lives by our side, as well as in pop culture for decades. Did you know that cats only learned to meow to communicate with humans, and to mimic the cry of a baby so humans will respond?Why not pay homage to our favourite feline companions, who wow us everyday with their intelligence and grace? Explore some our cat costume options below, and tag us if you choose to partake in this purrrrfect costume idea!

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