Top 10 Coolest Cruella Costume Ideas

Top 10 Coolest Cruella Costume Ideas

Posted by Sabrina Marie Balliana on 2021 Jul 5th

10 Stylish Costume Ideas Inspired by Disney's Cruella de Vil

Is anyone else just as obsessed with the incredible costumes from Disney's 2021 Cruella? Designed by costume designer Jenny Beavan, the movie presents 47 costume changes for Emma Stone as Cruella, and 33 for Emma Thompson as Baroness. The majority of these costumes, if not all, were absolutely jaw-dropping, so we've compiled a list of our favourite costumes and cosplays of some of these fabulous outfits. Get inspired by these amazing costumes so you can be the best dressed at any upcoming costume party, and channel Cruella's fierce attitude! 

1. Quilted Leather Jacket 

Cruella cosplay in black leather jacket

Via @mederophotos_cosplay on Instagram 

Born as Estella, Estella is the protagonist's other softer personality, until her transformation as Cruella is complete. After Estella transforms into Cruella, we see an immediate shift in her costuming, as it becomes more edgy, avant-garde and with references to 70's punk trends, as seen in the above photo. We absolutely love this black leather quilted jacket and the sleek silhouette it creates!

2. Red Petal Dress

Cruella cosplay in red dress with dalmatian in forest

Via @mightyraccoon on Instagram

One of the most jaw-dropping moments of the film includes Cruella upstaging the Baroness by locking her into her car on the red carpet and draping the skirt of her eclectic dress over the windows of the car. This outfit, represented above by @mightyraccoon, is an amazing rendition of Cruella's daring dress, and she even poses with a Dalmatian to tie the whole picture together perfectly!

3. White Gown Cruella

White Cruella hooded costume from the ball

Via @renepolumorfous_cosplay on Instagram

We are sure everyone remembers Cruella's first appearance at one of Baroness' parties, where she lights her white hooded cape on fire to reveal a stunning red Baroness original dress underneath. Now you can dress in the outfit Cruella stunned everyone with minutes before it went up in flames, just like @renepolumorfous_cosplay did! 

4. Professional Cruella

Cruella costume, plaid jacket with cane and pencil skirt

Via @eldreval on Instagram

We are obsessed with this high-fashion and elegant outfit by @eldreval, which perfectly captures the intersection of Cruella's amazing taste in fashion as well as her dark and edgy taste in clothes. Did you know that costume designer Jenny Beavan pulled inspiration from designers such as  Galliano, Dior, Westwood and McQueen, as well as flipping through vintage Vogue, to conjure up the wardrobe for Cruella?

5. Classic Cruella

Classic Cruella costume with gown

Via @artworkcosplay on Instagram

Although the costumes of Cruella are incredible and high-fashion, Cruella's original look from the 1961 film 101 Dalmatians is always a classic costume idea. This enigmatic villain is always easily recognizable in her split wig, green eyeshadow, high brows, plunging black dress, red gloves, and cigarette holder.  Don't forget the pearl necklace and green ring for the complete look! Did you know Cruella's original look was inspired by Hungarian-American actress Zsa Zsa Gabor for her elegant style and penchant for fur coats?

6. Estella 

Estella costume from Cruella

Via @stinaspach on Instagram

As Estella, her outfits are more minimalist, streamlined and high-fashion in a classic way. Mostly wearing black, Estella's outfits perfectly reflect a tamer frame of mind, but still extremely fashionable and trendy. Take inspiration from cosplayer @stinaspach and get yourself a red wig and some sharp black clothing, and convince everyone you're a carbon copy of Cruella's alter ego, Estella! 

7. Red Dress Cruella

Red dress Cruella de vil costume

Via @cosplay_lauren on Instagram

Considering it might be hard to get your hands on a replica of the Baroness' red dress that Cruella wears to the ball, get creative and don your own elegant and streamlined bright red dress. Pictured above is cosplayer @cosplay_lauren in a stunning bright red dress, similar to the one that Cruella sports in the film, and she ties the whole look together with elegant black gloves and the perfect black and white wig. All that is missing is the masquerade mask for a perfect interpretation!

8. Rebellious Makeup

"The Future" face makeup from Cruella

Via @viziomakeupacademy on Instagram

Although Cruella is often seen sporting flawless makeup that compliments her outfits, this makeup is one of the most striking of the film. As a way of rebelling against Baroness' classic and conservative fashion, Cruella's entrance on a motorbike donning glitter trousers, a leather jacket and this avant-garde makeup is truly a pivotal moment in the film. 

9. Young Estella

Young Estella costume with brown jacket

Via @grimpowers.cos_ on Instagram

Another creative spin to a Cruella costume is one of her looks as young Estella! As a child, Estella was just as fashionable as her older self, and this is reflected in the eclectic outfits she sports at school while getting in trouble for her brash attitude. Pictured above is @grimpowers.cos_'s amazing interpretation of one of young Estella's school outfits!

10. Cruella Inspired

Elegant outfit inspired by Cruella's style


Want to dress as Cruella without having to directly imitate one of her outfits? You can do like this model above and sport a costume that is heavily inspired by Cruella, but with your own spin! All you need here are clothing in iconic red, black and white colours, faux furs, and an elegant disposition to imitate Cruella's classic style! 

It's no surprise that Cruella is an enigmatic character that has had many renditions over the years, with many interpretations of her style. From the animated 1961 101 Dalmatians, to the live-action one in 1996, there have been so many versions of her edgy style over the years. Be apart of this stunning trend and live out your fashionable villainess fantasy with some of our costumes below, and tag us on social media if you choose to join the red, white and black revolution!

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